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7 Days Rwenzori Mountain Trek

5 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Chimpanzee Safari

7 Days Rwenzori Mountain Trek

Discover the untamed beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains in this seven-day trek through lush forests, alpine meadows, and glacial landscapes. Encounter elusive wildlife, from colobus monkeys to agile Rwenzori Squirrels, as each day unveils the diverse wonders of this African wilderness. Join us for a short yet unforgettable odyssey into nature’s grandeur.

Day 1: Nyakalengijja to Nyabitaba Hut

As the sun begins to cast its warm glow over the Rwenzori Mountains, our journey commences at Nyakalengijja. The crisp mountain air carries the scent of wildflowers as we make our way through dense forest trails. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the melodic chirping of various bird species hidden amidst the foliage. Keep an eye out for colobus monkeys swinging effortlessly from tree to tree.

Arriving at Nyabitaba Hut, nestled among the towering trees, we are greeted by the distant calls of the elusive Rwenzori Turaco. Resting here, the evening is filled with the soothing sounds of nature as we anticipate the adventure unfolding.

Day 2: Nyabitaba to John Matte Hut

Our path takes us higher into the mountains, and as the terrain changes, so does the wildlife. Butterflies of every hue flutter around, adding vibrant bursts of color to the emerald green surroundings. Watch for the Rwenzori Batis, a small, striking bird with its distinct black and white plumage.

Approaching John Matte Hut, the landscape opens up, revealing breathtaking views of the valleys below. In the evening, as the sun sets, keep an eye out for the Rwenzori Red Duiker, a rare and timid antelope species often spotted at dusk.

Day 3: John Matte to Bujuku Hut

Ascending further into the heart of the Rwenzori, the trail unveils alpine meadows adorned with unique flora. Marvel at the Giant Lobelias and Senecios that thrive in this high-altitude environment. The air becomes thinner, but the anticipation of reaching Bujuku Hut is invigorating.

Arriving at Bujuku Hut, nestled between jagged peaks, we might catch sight of the Rwenzori Chameleon, blending seamlessly with its surroundings. The night brings a symphony of mountain sounds, creating a serene atmosphere beneath the star-studded sky.

Day 4: Bujuku to Elena Hut

Today’s trek is challenging but rewarding as we navigate rocky paths and glaciers. Glacial streams crisscross our route, and the elusive Rwenzori Squirrel may be spotted darting between rocks. The landscape transforms into a surreal world of ice and rock formations, hinting at the grandeur of the higher altitudes.

Elena Hut, perched at an elevation of 4541m, offers a close view of the glaciers. Keep your eyes peeled for the Rwenzori Rock Hyrax, a small mammal with a distinctive appearance, as it basks in the sun near the rocky outcrops.

Day 5: Elena Hut to Kitandara Hut

The trail continues upward, and at the highest point of our journey, the air becomes thin, and the surroundings take on an otherworldly beauty. As we descend to Kitandara Hut, the landscape transitions to alpine valleys dotted with glacial lakes. Watch for the Rwenzori Double-collared Sunbird, a brilliantly colored bird that flits among the Lobelias.

The evening at Kitandara Hut offers a chance to absorb the tranquility of the high-altitude lakes and reflect on the remarkable journey so far.

Day 6: Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut

Descending through scenic valleys, we encounter diverse wildlife adapted to this unique environment. Keep an eye out for the Rwenzori Three-horned Chameleon, a master of camouflage, blending seamlessly with the moss-covered rocks.

Guy Yeoman Hut, nestled in a picturesque setting, provides a comfortable resting place as we prepare for the final leg of our journey.

Day 7: Guy Yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija

Our descent brings us full circle, retracing our steps through the diverse landscapes of the Rwenzori Mountains. Descending through the forest, we may encounter playful troops of Blue Monkeys swinging through the trees.

Arriving back at Nyakalengija, the journey concludes with a sense of accomplishment and a heart full of memories. As we bid farewell to the Rwenzori Mountains, we carry with us the echoes of its wildlife and the indelible imprints of its breathtaking beauty.

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